What Is Homestay?

Homestay is accommodation offered to students by local families who live within commuting distance to the campus.  Homestay is a popular option for students who need a safe, economical and convenient place to stay.  Students can adjust quickly in a new environment with the help friendly host families.  They have the opportunity to make new friends, practice their English and learn Australian culture first hand by participating in the daily routine of the host family’s life.

Homestay is a good option for students who need short term accommodation for a minimum period of 4 weeks.  You can take time to look for suitable permanent accommodation when you get here without having to worry about meals or signing a long term lease that you are not sure about.  Without the financial and legal risks, you can concentrate on your primary focus - your study.



What to expect in homestay?

  • A warm, caring and safe environment
  • A furnished private bedroom with facilities for storage and study
  • Orientation within the family home - security, use of house facilities, household practice and courtesies
  • Guidance, support and encouragement with language practice, studies, planning leisure activities and adapting to life in Australia
  • Information and assistance how to take public transport
  • Nutritious and wholesome meals
  • Bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Towels, pillows, bed-linen and blankets
  • Welcomed as part of the family

Student Homestay Accommodation - Expression of Interest

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