celebrationsHost families offer more than just food and lodging.  They open their hearts and homes to overseas students, offering them a home away from home and welcome students as part of their family.  Host families take an active interest in their students and assist them to assimilate into their new environment. 

Homestay is a rich and rewarding experience for both students and families, and long friendships often result.  Both parties get to meet new friends from around the world and learn about each others cultures.  Hosting an international student can also be financially rewarding!

Host families’ play a critical role in providing the care and guidance international students need when they first arrive in Australia. Positive homestay experiences play an important part in Australia remaining a preferred destination for international students.


homestay hostStudents choose homestay because they want to learn English, become familiar with the Australian culture and live in a safe and conducive study environment.

Hosting students may not be easy at first; it takes time, patience and empathy on the part of both the homestay host and the student. Initially students may appear unresponsive or aloof, and seem reluctant to ask questions and express dissatisfaction or displeasure. This does not necessarily mean that they are unhappy or uncaring.
Many students are just overwhelmed by the new and unfamiliar environment. Some students may have difficulty expressing themselves in English or are simply homesick and will need time to settle in with the help of host families.

Homestay host - Code of Practice

  • Develop positive relationships with homestay students which are based on mutual trust and communication
  • Acknowledge the uniqueness of each student and the levels of each student’s strength and weakness
  • Support and assist students to live comfortably within a foreign environment
  • Respect the student’s right to privacy whilst realising that privacy does not equate to isolation
  • Acknowledge the significance of culture, customs, language and beliefs in the life of their student and accommodate appropriately for these within the family life
  • Assist, support and nurture where needed or requested, but keeping in mind that a desire to please may be interpreted as interfering by the student


Homestay Host - Expression of Interest

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