What is Expected of Host Families?

Homestay dad introduces student to family pet Homestay hosts are expected to:

  • Provide a safe and helpful environment which offers the student positive experiences while living as a member of the family and engaging in positive study habits.

  • Offer help, guidance, support and encouragement with language practice, studies, planning leisure activities and adapting to life in Australia.
  • Provide a clean and comfortable furnished private bedroom with suitable storage for clothes, personal effects and facilities for study.

  • Familiarize your student with household rules and courtesies.

  • Discuss allowable use of telephone, internet, water, electricity, laundry and kitchen facilities.

  • Provide meals as required eg breakfast and dinner during the week and three meals on weekends, or three meals a day, 7 days a week.

  • Provide fresh linen such as towels, sheets and blankets.

  • Provide information and assistance on how to get around and take public transport.

  • Be responsive to the cultural differences and beliefs of your student by allowing your student to continue familiar cultural practices.

  • Have a duty of care toward the student and accept your student as a family member.




Homestay mum preparing meals

Homestay insurance:

  • It is important that Host Families have the correct insurance cover in place.

  • Most home and contents policy DO NOT provide liability cover whilst a student is staying in your home.

  • A simple yet comprehensive insurance policy is available to provide full cover at a very low price.

  • Please visit Homestay Host Insurance Plus for more information or contact BISS.



Payment of Homestay fees:

Generally, students will be advised to pay their homestay fees at the commencement of homestay. If students choose to pay via BISS, payment will be transferred to your nominated bank account fortnightly.

Host families will be advised of each students payment method at the time of placement. Payment for study tour groups are usually paid via BISS on a fortnightly basis. If you are unsure at any time please check with us.