Homestay fees vary between $240 to $300 per week, depending on the number of meals provided or each education provider’s fee structure. All prices are in Australian dollars.

  • The minimum stay is 4 weeks for students above 18.
  • Students under 18 must remain in homestay until they turn 18.
  • Students must pay 4 weeks homestay fees to their homestay host within two days of arrival or prior to arrival to BISS. Thereafter, payment should be made every 2 or 4 weeks in advance to the host.
  • Homestay fees are not refundable if students above 18 choose to leave homestay before 4 weeks.
  • 1 weeks notice or 1 week’s Homestay fee in lieu of notice must be given if students wish to move after staying for a minimum period of 4 weeks.
  • Homestay hosts may ask students to leave after 4 weeks if students do not observe household rules, common courtesies or respect their host family.

Students under 18 must pay 4 weeks homestay fees along with their homestay placement fee and airport reception fee to BISS in advance. Thereafter payment can be made every 2 or 4 weeks in advance to the homestay host.