What is Airport Reception?

Airport reception service is available for all commencing students. A representative will meet students on arrival at the airport and transfer students safely to their accommodation. Students applying for airport pick-up must confirm their flight details with BISS at least 3 working days prior to departure.


BISS Airport ReceptionArrival Instructions

  • International Airport - Turn left as you enter the Arrival Hall and look for a representative holding a sign with your name or your college/university. Please introduce yourself.

  • Domestic Airport - Look for a representative holding a sign with your name or your college/university at the luggage collection aisle of your flight. Please introduce yourself.


Important Instructions

  • If you arrive on schedule and cannot find the representative, ring us immediately for assistance.

  • You must contact us and inform us of your new arrival details if you miss your plane or changed your flight to Brisbane.

  • If you fail to show up or notify us of any changes or cancellation, full fees will be charged for no show.


What can’t I bring to Australia?

Every piece of luggage is now x-rayed or screened at the Brisbane International Airport. If students fails to declare or dispose of any prohibited items, or make a false declaraction, they will:

  • get caught;

  • could be fined over $220 on-the-spot; or

  • could be prosecuted and fined over $60,000 and risk 10 years imprisonment.

You will be held up at Customs & Quarantine and this delays your check out time. Our representative will wait up to an hour for you after your plane has landed. If you are delayed at the airport you may have to find your own transport to your accommodation and pay a penalty for no show. Please log on to http://www.daff.gov.au/aqis for more information on “What can’t I take to Australia”. You can view the brochure in different languages.

happy helpers pick up from airport